July 17, 2019

New Sprint, new goodies

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On this weekend of Bastille day some of us gathered and worked around some interesting new features in XMPP implementations. Wisolv – tailor-made software development company – generously sponsored the venue and provided us with their office in Villeurbanne (next to Lyon).

I think most of us are happy with this sprint, we managed to get quite some work done. On the agenda were DOAP, Message Reactions, Occupant-id, various fixes and discussions, also including work on a Jabber client for Haiku!

Bastille day fireworks by olek_impek.

DOAP - Description Of A Project

Lists of XMPP software are not machine readable and the information contained within them varies in quality. The DOAP project provides a way for each project to host a semantic description of itself, which can then be used by anyone to display information about XMPP software.

A few years ago, Link Mauve submitted a proposal to extend DOAP with information most of these lists want to expose, but it didn’t get much interest… until this sprint! PulkoMandy wrote a bunch of XSLT stylesheets to render such tables, Link Mauve wrote a schema and a JavaScript integration into the XEP pages (an example can be seen here for Bookmarks), and all client authors present at the sprint wrote a DOAP file for their client.


Some time ago Movim implemented reactions using the Message Attaching specification. Dino developers felt that the situation could be improved, especially some issues with non-supporting clients, and started working on a new specification a few weeks ago. The protoXEP has been sent to the inbox this weekend!

Edhelas reworked the Movim implementation using this new specification, mathieui worked on an implementation in Poezio (not yet merged, but the Slixmpp bits are), and fiaxh and larma started an implementation in Dino.


Occupant-id is a protoXEP that was also submitted by larma this weekend.

It mandates that MUC components provide a stable and unique id that is attributed per room per user (bare real JID). This is especially useful in semi-anonymous rooms where it is usually not possible to ensure messages are coming from the same participant between rejoins.

Some clients are talking about requiring occupant-id for features like Last Message Correction or Reactions in semi-anonymous rooms.

A prosody module is now available and is usable with the current release (0.11) or trunk.

And more

PulkoMandy started porting Jabber4Haiku – now renamed Renga – to gloox. Fiaxh worked on stable and unique IDs in Dino. Slixmpp finally uses non-predictable ids. Mathieui and I worked around issues with asynchronous APIs in Poezio and Slixmpp. xmpp-parsers got a new release, fixing documentation on the way!

What’s next

I’d like to thank Wisolv again for hosting us this weekend.

Next month members of the community will be present at FrosCon at the XMPP booth, and at CCCamp2019. See our events page for more information about future events!

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